Tammy On The Road Review On The Travel Bra

Tammy On The Road Review On The Travel Bra

When I travel, I like to do so in comfortable clothes, especially in hot countries. Most women will probably be with me on this but for me, there is nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable bra while you are hot. So when the good people from The Travel Bra company approached me to test out their travel bra, I was a very willing guinea pig for the ultimate travel bra review.


Through my work in international development, I am often required to visit a lot of very rural and less developed places. Transport to and from such remote areas often takes me on very bumpy roads or dirt tracks which can be very uncomfortable, sometimes even painful, for women not wearing a supportive bra. My recent trip to an indigenous community in rural Colombia was the perfect way to test out the travel bra, as I had to travel on a dirt track with hundreds of potholes for a number of hours. The bra really supported my chest and kept it bounce-free despite all of the potholes. Support: passed!


An added bonus of the travel bra is the many hidden pockets. There is a pouch for passports, a pouch for credit cards, and a pouch for smaller belongings. No matter where you are travelling to in the world, there is often at least some small risk of petty crime. For that reason I like to keep my valuables on my body and not in a bag. I am not a big fan of money belts, as they get really sweaty after a while and I also think they are uncomfortable.

At first I was a bit worried that my bulky hardcover German passport wouldn’t fit in the pouch, but it is so stretchy that I could easily fit it in. I also put my back-up credit card in the bra and my engagement ring in the small pouch at the front. Quite a lot of things to fit in just a bra you may think, but it was actually quite comfortable. Of course the Passport dangles around a bit if you wear a loose top on top of it, but if your top is tight, this won’t happen. I needed to be quite active on my trip as well, taking photos, interviewing people, and chasing after adorable little children. I honestly didn’t expect to stay so comfortable all day. Safety and comfort: passed!


The travel bra is like a sports bra, so I also tried it out for some sporty activities, including hiking and yoga. To test it to the limit I even wore it during a hot yoga class. For those of you who don’t know hot yoga, it is a 90 minute yoga session in 42 degree Celsius heat. As you can imagine this is a sweaty old business, but the bra absorbed the sweat really well and didn’t leave any sweat stains. Sporty activities: passed!

All in all, I am super happy with the travel bra and really recommend it to women who need comfort while travelling, as well as peace of mind in terms of safety.


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