The Travel Bra™ Team

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Travel Bra™ Team!

Founder and creator of The Travel Bra™, Dr Annie Holden, is an anthropologist who has worked all across remote Australia and internationally in India and Papua New Guinea. Annie is an avid adventurist solo female traveller and invented The Travel Bra™ because she needed one and couldn’t buy it. Travelling to places like remote western India where there are no ATMs and the Highlands of Papua New Guinea where leaving your passport in your room is most unadvisable, Annie needed a solution. She also needed a challenge and starting a new business seemed like a crazy enough thing to do in your late fifties – but that’s another story…

Brenda Barnett is a lingerie designer with over 17 years experience working for international lingerie firms. Skye, Brenda’s daughter was not quite crawling when we started The Travel Bra™, but she’s running wild now.

Taylah Smith is our beautiful Travel Bra™ model studying paramedics and nursing oncology. She’s smart!

Gareth Schroder is our industrial designer extraordinaire. And now the proud Dad of Charlie, who was only a glint in his Dad’s eye in The Travel Bra’s™ early days.

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