David, Banchy and Shari travel to Banchy's birth country, Ethiopia.

David, Banchy and Shari travel to Banchy's birth country, Ethiopia.

Hi my name is David, recently my wife Shari and daughter Banchy and myself travelled from Australia to my daughter's birth country, the very beautiful Ethiopia. We travelled for 3 weeks in the north of the country after a short stay in Addis Ababa, the capital.

Money changing opportunities can be scarce at times so I changed enough money for our trip early on. Hence, we had quite a bit of cash for convenience sake.This is where the Travel Trunks became invaluable. I was able to keep enough cash in my wallet for the day and keep the remainder of cash secure in the pocket of the travel trunks.

At night and on occasion while in our room or getting breakfast I kept our passports in the safe but during the day I could carry them on me comfortably and safely with the cash in the travel trunks if I felt we may need them. This gave me terrific peace of mind. My wife and daughter also wore the Travel Bras and were able to keep spare cash and hotel key cards in them. So handy. So convenient. 

These travel garments are so practical. So sensible. So comfortable.

Thank you The Travel Bra Company for bringing this idea of safe, secure, comfortable travel garments to light. It's ingenious!

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