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Our Story

The Travel Bra™ Company was formed in 2015 by Dr Annie Holden. Annie is a passionate solo female traveler with a love of diversity in culture and geography. Annie has traveled for adventure and for work since she was 18. She studied in Australia as an anthropologist and has worked for more than 20 years internationally as an economic anthropologist with Australian Indigenous communities affected by mining projects, with women marble miners in Rajasthan in India, and with women affected by gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea. 

Annie's travels often take her to remote places where there were no ATMs and no hotel room safes (assuming there were even hotels!).

"I created The Travel Bra™ because I wanted to buy one and couldn’t."  Like many solo female travelers, Annie wanted an alternative to money belts which she finds uncomfortable - not to mention very obvious!.  She wanted to feel safe and comfortable when she traveled, in particular for those times when she needed to carry cash to pay field workers or was traveling in places where it was advisable to hide her passport. 

To create The Travel Bra, Annie gathered a team of creative and enthusiastic designers and spoke with many other travelers to understand their concerns and their needs. The Travel Bra Company lingerie designer, Brenda Barnett, has 18 years experience working for some of the world's top bra companies - Marks and Spencer and Triumph - so Brenda was able to bring an expertise to the task that Annie wanted and knew would  be needed. 

As it turned out, The Travel Bra, once developed, is legally considered an "invention" and to our surprise, we have successfully registered a patent. This development has then taken us on a new journey of exploring all kinds of variations to The Travel Bra. And so it is that we continue to have fun and come up with ideas to make travel comfortable and safe for all women, all ages, all adventures.

Our mission is to do all we can to encourage and support women, of all ages, on all adventures, to travel and to do so safely and comfortably.  We respect the planet that we live on and so we aim to minimise our imprint by using sustainably sourced materials and recyclable and re-useable packaging wherever possible.

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Intellectual Property

The Travel Bra inventions, designs and innovations are covered by a range of national and international patents.  International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2015/000435.  We guard, protect and defend our intellectual property zealously.

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