Why The Travel Bra?™

Every time you travel you will need the security of The Travel Bra.  Stash cash, keep your passport close or hide a credit card:  With its WIRE-FREE design and soft fabrics, your Travel Bra will be the most comfortable bra you own.  Wear The Travel Bra and keep valuables close to heart. ♥︎ 
Store your passport or phone

Store your passport

Drop-down mesh pouch for cash can even stretch to fit a passport. When not in use, the soft fine pouch simply folds back up under the bra band and can't be felt or seen.

Mini pocket for valuables

Mini pocket for valuables

Hidden mini-pocket for jewelry. Word of advice: never pack precious jewelry in your checked luggage. The hidden mini-pocket is handy too for your rings if your fingers swell in heat or in transit.

Keep your credit cards safe

Keep your credit card safe

Side mesh sleeve that stretches to allow you to safely store your credit card or hotel room key without fear of it falling out. We guarantee cards will not fall out of this pocket, no matter what you are doing.

Keep cash handy

Pouches in bra cups of your Travel Bra for storing cash, especially handy if you are traveling to places with no ATMs. We store the day's cash in our purse for ready access, and then store all our big cash in our Travel Bra, out of sight.

Designed for comfort

Our Travel Bra range is designed first and foremost for comfort and supports you all day long. It has a soft, wide under-band with no wire or scratchy labels. Made of breathable, wickable, soft fabrics, long-wearing and fully machine-washable.

Gold Design Award Winner


The Travel Bra is the recipient of the coveted 2017 Gold Award in Fashion, Apparel and Design awarded by the prestigious Italian A'Design Awards international panel of jurors.


So maybe....

♥︎  You've been to the ATM and have enough cash for three days.  You put some in your purse and the rest goes in your Travel Bra.

♥︎  You're on a cruise and going ashore for the day - you need that precious barcode to get back on board! - keep it in your Travel Bra and save yourself the drama of losing it somewhere on the beach.

♥︎  Backpacking and sleeping in shared dorms? The Travel Bra has been designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in!

♥︎  Hiking or at a Music Festival and want to be hands free - stash it in your Travel Bra.

♥︎  Out sightseeing with more cash than you need for one day, don't risk keeping it all in your purse.

♥︎  Worried about loss or theft and don't want to put your passport or cards in your handbag or backpack?  You know where they can go - in the drop-down pocket of your Travel Bra, the side mesh pocket or the hidden jewelry pocket of your Travel Bra. Or maybe....  

♥︎ You're on a long haul flight to Paris. You want to be able to sleep but you just can't relax knowing your wallet is right there in your bag by your feet. Slip your cash and credit card in to your Travel Bra and relax into a deep sleep.

♥︎ India by train - fantastic!  So, you're traveling to Rajasthan, and believe us, there are no ATMs where you are heading!  Don't carry all your cash in your bag - it's too easy to lose it or be pickpocketed.  Roll some notes up in your drop-down pocket, or hide notes in the handy access sleeve in your Travel Bra™ cups.

♥︎ You've arrived in Paris and you have your wallet in your backpack. You plan on keeping a close eye on it, but hey, why not store a spare card in your Travel Bra™ credit card sleeve? Be careful in train stations - we've been pickpocketed in the crowds - they're good!  Don't turn a tragedy into a double tragedy - keep a back up card in your Travel Bra™, just in case the worst happens and your bag is lost or stolen.  

♥︎ You are on a plane again, this time... hmmm... maybe New York? You don't want to wear your precious engagement ring because your fingers swell when flying, but of course you don't want to pack it in your check-in luggage. Just slip it in your Travel Bra™ mini-pocket and it is safe and close to heart.

♥︎ You've made it to the Hindu Kush and there is no safe deposit box in your room at the hotel. Store your passport at your side with the drop down passport holder in your Travel Bra™. The fabric is breathable and comfortable - you won't know it is there so you can hike all day knowing your passport is safe.

♥︎ On a quick trip to Hong Kong, you are only away a short time and only taking carry-on luggage. That means taking only one bra. The Travel Bra™ has all the support of any normal bra and the features are invisible. Simply fold the soft passport flap up under the bra band if you don't need to take your passport with you today.

♥︎ It is summer in Rome and you are walking all day, visiting the sites and sipping coffee in the piazza. You're wearing your Travel Bra™ because it is so comfortable and supports you all day long, with its wide straps, comfortable, breathable fabrics and no itchy labels rubbing against your skin.  

The Travel Bra is designed by experienced travelers for comfort and security.