We take pride in our design and craftsmanship. We strive for the highest quality in all our products and aim to offer organic options wherever possible. We design our packaging and delivery to minimise our carbon footprint.  

Sustainability & Responsibility

We at The Travel Bra™ cherish and value this planet we live on. All our products are made of recyclable and re-usable materials.


We take your personal privacy very seriously. We will use personal information that we collect about you on this website only for the purposes for which it was collected, such as to enable you to participate in on-line competitions and other activities on this website or to receive our newsletter.  We will ensure personal information we hold will be protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. TTBCo will not disclose any information about you to a third party for any reason.

Terms and Conditions: LAY-BUY

Cancellation of Lay-Buy by Buyer

You may cancel your Lay-Buy agreement at any time prior to us despatching your products and we will refund all monies to you, less an AUD $25 cancellation fee.

We do not charge you any interest, membership fee or service fee on any Lay-Buy sales transaction. Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as www.lay-buys.com charges a once-off 0.9% of the total order value at checkout.  You pay this amount to Lay-Buys at checkout at time of paying the down payment. This fee is an admin fee and is therefore not refundable.

    We will dispatch your product/s immediately after we receive the final instalment payment for all Lay-Buy deals.