We invented The Travel Bra. We had to. We needed one and we couldn't buy it.

The Travel Bra is the ideal bra for traveling, backpacking, and keeping valuables safe in transit and while on holidays. The Travel Bra is a full support bra with clever hidden, fold away pockets for storing cash, cards and jewelry. The pocket even stretches to store a passport. There are no scratchy labels and we have used ultra-soft bindings and the softest fabrics possible. The Travel Bra is breathable, wickable and with anti-odor treatment.

Choose your Travel Bra™ from our range of designs - the original Organic Cotton and Bamboo Travel Bra, The Ultra-Light Travel Bra and The Beach Travel Bra.  We have also added the bamboo racer-back Comfort Handee Travel Bra that is sized all the way up to a XXXL.  And for our sisters who have survived breast cancer and wear a small prosthetic - we recommend the Comfort Handee Travel Bra.  And check out our Travel Trunks as a great alternative to a Travel Bra.  And sign up for our Blog so that you can be the first to know when our exciting new Runner's Travel Bra is available.  Read more about The Travel Bra.